Who we are

Our staff and affiliates are active contributors to Cochrane with expertise in the application of GRADE in systematic reviews and guidelines across a broad range of areas.

Melbourne GRADE centre staff

Sue Brennan

Sue Brennan leads the Melbourne GRADE centre and is co-lead on research to inform the development of GRADE guidance for overviews. In her role at Cochrane Australia, she leads systematic reviews and methodological review of guidelines commissioned by government, and provides consultancy and training on the use of GRADE.

Sally Green

Sally Green is Co-Director of Cochrane Australia and a Professorial Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University. Sally is an experienced systematic review and guideline methodologist and a member of NHMRC Synthesis and Translation of Research Evidence (SToRE) Advisory Group.

Steve McDonald

Steve McDonald is Co-Director of Cochrane Australia where he is responsible for developing and supporting Cochrane in Australia, particularly through training in evidence synthesis, external engagement and advocacy. Steve co-leads Project Transform research addressing evidence surveillance needs of guideline developers.

Jo McKenzie

Jo McKenzie is a Senior Research Fellow (Biostatician) leading methodological research on evidence synthesis methods including, network meta-analysis, nonrandomised trials, bias, and GRADE guidance for overviews. Jo is a co-convenor of the Cochrane Statistical Methods Group and a member of Cochrane Methods Executive.

Matthew Page

Matthew Page is a Research Fellow affiliated with the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University. Matthew is currently developing and evaluating new methods to address reporting biases and design biases in studies included in systematic reviews.

Tari Turner

Tari Turner is a Senior Research Fellow with Project Transform and an experienced review and guideline methodologist. She co-leads work aiming to support collaboration between guideline developers and systematic reviewers, living systematic reviews and enabling living guidelines.

Affiliated staff

Rebecca Armstrong

Rebecca Armstrong is Coordinating Editor and Methods Advisor for Cochrane Public Health and Director of Public Health Insight. She has expertise in knowledge translation and guideline implementation, and provides methodological advice to guideline development groups.

Catherine Chamberlain

Catherine Chamberlain has expertise in synthesis of quantitative and qualitative evidence in complex public health reviews. She has over 25 years’ experience in reproductive and child health, policy implementation, guideline development, evidence-based practice and research.

Sophie Hill

Sophie Hill is the Head of the Centre for Health Communication and Participation, La Trobe University and Coordinating Editor for the Cochrane Consumers and Communication Review Group. Sophie is responsible for academic leadership internationally in the areas of evidence-based health communication and participation.

Renea Johnston

Renea Johnston is Managing Editor for Cochrane Musculoskeletal, based at Monash University. Renea has extensive experience in the conduct of systematic reviews of interventions and diagnostic test accuracy, and coordinates a Master of Public Health unit on systematic reviews and meta-analysis.

Philippa Middleton

Philippa Middleton is a Principal Research Fellow in the Healthy Mothers, Babies and Children’s theme of SAHMRI, and is an experienced guideline developer and translation researcher. She is an editor with Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth, and with Cochrane Methodology. Philippa leads the Australian and New Zealand Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Satellite and is a member of the NHMRC Synthesis and Translation of Research Evidence (SToRE) Advisory Group.


Marie Misso

Marie Misso is the Head of Evidence Synthesis, Implementation and Training, at the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation. She is an experienced guideline methodologist, having worked on WHO guidelines and developed a Master of Public Health module on clinical practice guidelines.

Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryan is Deputy Coordinating Editor for Cochrane Consumers and Communication based at La Trobe University, and a member of the Cochrane Scientific Committee. She has expertise in synthesis methods for complex interventions, particularly those designed to enable people to participate more effectively in their own health care.

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